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A Taste of Winter by Laila Blake

Book Name: A Taste of Winter

Series: Lakeside #2

Author's Name: Laila Blake

Genre: F/M- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Moira and Owain

Release Date: 10/28/2014

Book Provided by: ARC- Author

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4 Stars

BLURB: Picking up where BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON left off, A TASTE OF WINTER is the second book in a romantic paranormal fantasy trilogy, set in alternate history medieval times. It follows the life of young Moira, a half fae noblewoman who fell in love with her shape-shifter guard and ran away from her ancestral home. 
Traveling the country, searching for a safe place to stay, the two of them soon realize that life is not as kind to them as they might have hoped. They feel the sting of prejudice and bigotry in each town they visit, and the reality of poverty and winter begin to erode Moira and Owain's blossoming love.
In the castle they left behind, darker plans are afoot. The fae spy Brody is slowly taking over, and he has no love for humans. He needs to be stopped before he can seize power and trigger another war between the races. But Moira and Owain are long gone, and Brody always seems two steps ahead.

Review: Moira and Owain are still trying to learn to live outside the castle and they run into a lot of prejudice people. They call Moira a wolf whore and it makes it hard for Owain to find work. Feeling like he has let her down, he feels like he has no choice but to rob criminals only to learn those criminals have plans of their own. They attack and attempt to kill Owain with plans to do Moira next. Moira finds them and calls to Owain's wolf inside him to take over and save them both. Afterwards Owain is very hurt and unable to protect Moira. Moira's fae mother senses she is not well and seeks her out. Years ago she was forced to have her second born child raised by the human nobleman to save her from her fae people. Her first born child was tortured and became a shell of the child she use to be and she didnt want to fail another child. Now she will sacrifice herself for her daughter by turning herself into her fae people in hopes they will leave her daughter and her love alone.

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A DESPERATE MAN Volume One: The Fantasy by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

The Fantasy
(A Desperate Man #1)
by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

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Fantasies - we all have them.

For some it’s their dream job; others want the wedding, the 2.5 kids, the white picket fence.

My fantasies are a bit more...depraved.

Dark and sinful, they have destroyed relationships and my livelihood, yet I still submit to them like a slave.   Sex.
For most, it’s a natural expression of love, caring, or lust. But there are those of us who can’t stop once we’ve had a taste. Those of us who don’t want to. And the shame of that never-ending cycle will eat us alive...
My name is Evan James, and I am a sex addict.

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“Come here.”
Evan James crooked his finger at the blonde currently shimmying back into her minuscule, tight, black dress. The same one she’d worn last night that had called like a siren’s song to his cock in the middle of the dimly lit club.

She looked over at him with heavy-lidded eyes and held the barely there fabric still around her waist. His eyes zoomed in on the impressive breasts overflowing out of her sheer, black bra. Covered, but not enough.

His mouth watered, and he wanted to drag her back to the bed and take hold of her ripe nipple before pulling the fabric down and out of his way to take her fully into his mouth again.

After having had her so many times in the last few hours, she’d no doubt taste of him on every inch of her soft skin. He liked that. Before, she’d tasted faintly of vanilla musk—a fragrance he wasn’t overly fond of. He’d made quick, dirty work of her though, marking and leaving his scent on her with his lips, his sex, his come, and he figured one last go-round before sending her on her way would suppress his craving for at least a couple of days.

He hoped. His appetite was voracious.

“Can’t get enough, can you?” She leaned down over the edge of the bed and placed her hands there, giving him an ample view of what he wanted. Now.

He narrowed his eyes. “Don't play with me.”

Blondie tsked and put her knees on the mattress, crawling on all fours toward him. “Oh, baby, I told you you’d never want me to leave once you got inside.”

She was right about that much. If he could live in pussy, he would. It was his weakness, his addiction, the one thing he’d give up anything and everything for. And he nearly had.

REVIEWED by Wendy                 Rating: 4 Stars

I did not even read the blurb regarding this book, with the name Ella Frank on it, I knew it would be good and I was not disappointed.  After reading this book, I am also looking forward to Brooke Blaine's future work.
Needing and wanting are usually two different things but not for Evan, he needs sex just as much as he wants sex. He's also not too picky with who or how he gets it. That's what being a sex addict will do to you. Picking up a hot blonde in a bar one night turned his life upside down, not that it could spiral much more out of control though. Addiction has cost Evan just about everything, his job, his reputation and nearly his sanity. 
Reagan "Blondie",  knows what she wants but that doesn't mean she will bow down to anyone to get it. Taking charge in and out of the bedroom has it's perks and Reagan likes them all. 
In volume one of this serial collection we meet Evan and Reagan but only scratch the surface on both of them. We do get a quick glance at some of Evan's past but not Reagan's. The sex is smoking hot in this book and I'm certainly looking forward to the next volumes.  


About Brooke
You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read; she used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her ‘quiet time.’ Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she now carries around and the size of her onesie pajamas.
Her first solo novel, a romantic comedy, is due out in early 2015, but first, she thought she’d write a raunchy story with her best friend that would scar her conservative southern family for life.
If you’d like to get in touch with her, she’s easy to find - just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone that’s dominated her cell phone for ten years.

Brooke’s Links: Website ~ Facebook Page ~ Facebook PersonalTwitter

Instagram: @brookeblaine1Goodreads ~ Pinterest


About Ella
Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Exquisite Series, and Temptation Series.
The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became and avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back.
Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband.

Ella’s Links: Website ~ Facebook Page ~ Facebook Personal ~ Twitter
Instagram: @Ellafrank1Goodreads ~ Pinterest ~ Blog 


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Mist Unveiled by Nancy Corrigan

Book Name: Mist Unveiled

Series: Elemental Desire #1

Author's Name: Nancy Corrigan

Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Rune and Cat

Release Date: 10/01/14

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Website ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook ~Twitter

BLURB: Cat has one love in her life—science. Facts rule her, not passion. At least it doesn’t until an unknown deadly virus claims her sister’s life. Cat’s quest for answers takes her to Greenland and drops her into the arms of the one man who sways her devotion from logic to passion. Rune stirs her lusts, ignites her desires and fuels her carnal cravings, but he isn’t simply a lover, nor is he human. He’s a weapon, one that has the potential to save or destroy her.Rune, a child of the mist, awakens into a world hovering on the verge of destruction. Rising temperatures have released his enemies from their frozen prison without his knowledge. He searches for them but finds Cat, a human with the power to save him and the world. He hungers for her—blood, body and soul. Every moment of shared passion convinces him of the truth—she’s his greatest treasure, one he’ll die to keep.

REVIEW: A new and exciting series by Nancy Corrigan.....Yay! The Elemental Desire series is right up there with her Royal Pride series, sexy men and hot sex. 
Cat cares about nothing but finding a cure for a new virus that claimed her sister's life. When she travels alone to search for answers she finds more than she bargained for. Between the strange man who she feels an indescribable pull towards, and the weird creature who is sucking on people's neck infecting them with the deadly virus, Cat knows she is in over her head. Finding out the hard way about these strangers that people are calling vampires makes her more determined to find the cure and how it is all connected to her Grandmother. When evil finds Cat, Rune is willing to do anything to save her but even all of his growing powers might not be enough.

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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway- Raleigh Point- Rescue by Victoria Sue

Book Name: Raleigh Point- Rescue

Author's Name: Victoria Sue

Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Mac and Lisa

Release Date: 11/01/2014

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Lisa was wicked.
Wicked and damaged. She’s spent half her twenty years locked away in a psychiatric facility because her uncontrollable alpha rages are inexplicable in a human world. Orphaned when she was a baby, she doesn’t even know what she is. All she knows is what they’ve always told her.
Mac helps his family run Raleigh Point, a group foster home for abused or abandoned shifter babies and children. Beyond taking on an occasional tracking job for the FBI, he never worries about much. He likes to play hard, usually with an attractive woman. Never too much responsibility. Life is good.
When Mac rescues Lisa from that grimy god-forsaken excuse for a hospital, he realizes life has to change. Lisa, drugged and damaged, is his mate.
With Lisa’s problems only just beginning, can Mac also rescue her from a crazed rogue alpha intent on making her his queen?


Raleigh Point is a home for shifter's children with no where to go. Mac along with his parents and siblings has been saving and placing shifter kids with new homes. Mac gets am emergency call from one of his friends in the FBI about saving a 20 yrs old shifter that has no ideal she's a shifter.
Lisa has spent the last 8 years of her life drugged or locked away. When she turned 12 she started her shifter changes which caused her to easily lose her temper. After few accidents with some of the other kids in the foster home and then last straw being when she hurt the man of the house (because he was hurting a child), they had her committed.
As soon as Mac lays eyes on Lisa his life changes forever.  He now is no longer the playboy he was just a second before he saw her. She is his mate and he will do anything to save her not only from the hospital, but from all other alphas that will want her because she is a rare found alpha female.



Mac eased her back alongside him some more. He pushed his thigh in between her legs and felt her shuddering as his cock scraped her buttocks. He kissed the soft side of her neck and explored her shoulder blades with his tongue. His cock was pulsing in time to his heart.

Mac knew he had to go slow. His chest had swelled so much when she’d said he would be her first. He’d nearly panicked. He’d shot out of the bedroom like some scared kid. He wanted her relaxed and ready.

Cautiously, he explored with his fingers some more and found the little nub. He groaned as it became swollen and desperately wanted to suck on it. With one finger, he teased it away from its hood and flicked gently. Lisa jerked and gasped. Next time he wanted to feel those muscles tighten on him. He needed her in bed, now.

He went to pick her up, but she shimmied away, hazel eyes locked on him, pupils wide. He hitched a breath. One push from her hand and he was against the tiles. She grabbed each of his hands and lifted them, so they were above his head. “Keep them there.”

Mac nearly shot his load there and then. He leaned his head back against the tiles, hard. Fuck, she was going down on him. Hot breathy, wet kisses feathered his abs, teasing him, promising him. Fingers that only existed to trail his skin, tightened and snaked lower. Mac locked his knees. His cock jumped to meet her. Agonized— didn’t she know he was gonna die?—lips pressed his skin. He was on fire. Mouth seized, harsh pants filled the room, and steam rose.

Christ, a warm, wet, blissful heat enclosed his dick. He dropped his head. He wanted to do something unmanly, like cry. Fucking perfect. Tingles started in his spine, and he knew wouldn’t last long. Fuck, she’d found… His knees nearly gave way. “Oh God, Oh God, Yessss,” he hissed as her tongue pushed in his slit. She paused, as if she was going to regroup, and for one awful minute, he thought she was going to stop. Her hand fisted around his base, and she dove at him. Nearly his entire length went down that gorgeous throat. He couldn’t breathe, didn’t know how she was breathing. On and on, pulls and sucks tugged at his inside.

“Gonna, gonna.” He tried for speech, some warning, but she sped up. Mindless pleasure grabbed him. He couldn’t think. Hot, hard, he was gonna burst. Heat bloomed in his spine and shot around to his dick. His balls lifted and tightened, and spurts of cum jetted down her throat.

His vision whited out and pleasure so intense rocked every cell in his body. Fuck, fuck, on and on. He grabbed her face. She eased away and gently kissed the tip, seemingly fascinated at the little after-shocks that bobbed his dick up to meet her. Mac straightened his spine and lifted her up flush to his body, hard. His legs were just catching on with having to hold him up, but damn he wasn’t letting so much as one of her toes hit the floor. She was his, every inch, every fucking perfect inch.

Buy Links: Amazon ~ Amazon UKAll Romance 

About the Author 
Victoria SueHas loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kids' adventure stories, she would go raid her Mom's. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.
She's still in love with them. Any size, any shape, any creature —love is love, no matter what it says on the box.
In fact if they don't fit very neatly into any box she loves them even more!
She has a very patient husband and three wonderful children. In 2010 in search of adventure they all moved from the UK to the US and are happily settled in Florida.
Last year in 2013 after reading love stories for so long she decided to write her own. Her first m/f paranormal romance, Raleigh Point - Rescue was released November 1, 2014. Her first contemporary m/m romance, Pure, will be released in December 2014.

Goodreads ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ tsu ~ Website 


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The Sizzling Miami Series by Jessie G

Past Hurts- Book 1
Abandoned by his mother and raised by a judgmental, homophobic father on the unforgiving streets of Overtown, Davin Monroe knows a lot about survival and little about love. As heir to the family business, Alaric Bennett’s innate strength makes him the pillar upon which the family problems fall, but leaves him emotionally abandoned by those that need him.

One chance meeting and five beautiful years together do not prepare them for the dark, depraved jealousy threatening their hard earned happiness. Now a killer has forced Detective Monroe to face the past and the only man his heart has ever wanted. With only one shot at redemption, Alaric is determined to uncover to truth and bring his lover home.

But when discovering the one secret that has kept them apart for eight years unravels an entire hidden life, can they survive the revelations that follow?

For a Reason - Book 2
Former Marine and full time big brother, Bull Connor, spends his days helping those in need of a second chance and his nights fighting the inner demons that won’t let go. During a routine tow he comes face to face with the only person who refuses to need him and the one man he wishes would.

As a throw away, Ian Jones is used to being alternately overlooked or ridiculed but hasn’t given up on the idea that with just one chance he could turn it all around. Rescued by the one man who neither overlooks nor ridicules him, he longs to be more than a man in need, but can he be the man Bull loves?

Ian isn’t pining for the family he’s never known but when they descend, unwanted and uninvited, Bull must prove that he’s the man who will protect Ian’s long neglected heart by sharing the demons that torment his wounded soul.

About the author: 
Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I'd begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: To be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it's a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With two published books and counting, it's been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I'm a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you'll find throughout my books.

Jessie G. Website


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Marked by the Vampire by Cynthia Eden

Book Name: Marked By A Vampire

Series: Purgatory #2

Author's Name: Cynthia Eden

Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Shane and Olivia

Release Date: June 5, 2014

Reviewed by: Shonna 
My Rating: 5 Stars

Website   FB   Twitter   Pinterest   Goodreads     

BLURB: Vampires exist. So do werewolves. The creatures that you fear in the darkness? They're all real. And the baddest of the paranormals...those who love to hurt humans...they're sent to Purgatory, the only paranormal prison in the U.S.
His job is to stop the monsters.
Deadly forces are at work within Purgatory. The monsters are joining together--and their plans have to be stopped. FBI Agent Shane August, a very powerful vampire with a dark past, is sent into the prison on an undercover assignment. His job is to infiltrate the vampire clan, by any means necessary.
She wants to help the prisoners.
Dr. Olivia Maddox wants to find out just why certain paranormals go bad. What pushes some vampires over the edge? Why do some werewolves turn so savage? If she can understand the monsters, then Olivia thinks she can help them. When she gets permission to enter Purgatory, Olivia believes she is being given the research opportunity of a lifetime.
Olivia doesn't realize that she's walking straight into hell.
To survive, they have to rely on each other.
When the prisoners break loose, there is only one person--one vampire--who can protect her, but as Olivia and Shane fight the enemies that surround them, a dark and dangerous passion stirs to life between the doctor and the vamp. Shane realizes that Olivia is a woman carrying secrets--powerful, sinful secrets. Secrets that a man would kill to possess.
And Olivia realizes that--sometimes--you can't control the beast inside of you. No matter how hard you try. Some passions can push you to the very limits of your control...and the growing lust that she feels for her's sending her racing right into a deadly storm of desire.
Welcome to Purgatory...a place that's a real hell on earth...

Review:  Action, intense danger, and some daaamn hot sex makes this book a winner! I loved the main characters, Shane and Olivia. The sizzling chemistry between them was enough to fry an egg right on the top of my kindle. The exceptional emotional connection that is rolled together with an amazing world building and plot make for an awesome read. I hope to see some wonderful stories yet to be told in this gripping paranormal series with so many intriguing sub characters and their secrets. I  look forward to them all.

One of my favorite quotes:

He just pulled her right back against him. “But our hearts beat. We breathe. We live. We need.”
Need. The word seemed to echo around them.
“There’s something that I need right now” he continued, his voice growing deeper, rougher, in the darkness. “Something I have to take.”
She pushed up but his hands were tight around her waist. “Shane?”

Now who wouldn't love to be talked to like that by a hot sexy powerful vampire? (swooning here)
Ok, I can't resist just one more quote:

"I'm hungry," those words were a deep, dark growl.  "So fucking hungry...and I need you."

(Clunk!! That was me falling in the floor) Sigh!!

While MARKED BY THE VAMPIRE could be read as a stand alone, I strongly recommend that you get the first installment THE WOLF WITHIN. You don’t want to miss out on anything and it too is an enjoyable book. Cynthia Eden is such a talented writer and she has got me hooked on her work.

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Blended For Love Spotlight

Blended For Love

Cali, Charlie, Stephanie, and Blythe. . . four unique women with distinct stories and intoxicating essences to delight any mood. Are you in the need for adventure with a side of sexy marine? Meet fiercely independent Cali from TAG by Shari J. Ryan as she navigates the canyons of Mexico where the waterfalls provide safety and romance has a pesky way of showing up when she least expects it. And Tango is full of the unexpected. Need a sultry story with exotic undertones to make your heart race and put a naughty smile on your face? Then Charlie from Seductive Shadows by Marni Mann is your gal. She is a passionate, sensually inspired art student with a job offer at the mansion that is almost too good to be true. Add in the connection to the mysterious Cameron, who stimulates her art, intellect and desires all the way to her core, and you’ll be left captivated by this alluring novel. Want something light that renews you like a girl’s night out with your BFFs and a few glasses of chardonnay? Meet Stephanie from Just Friends with Benefits by Meredith Schorr, in her pursuit of love, her adventures in friendship, and her journey to discover what really matters. Stephanie’s story couples humor with the age old yearning for Craig, ‘the one that got away.’ Or, perhaps the more mature Blythe from Blue Midnight by Tess Thompson fits your mood. Newly divorced, she questions her road not taken, sexy and sweet Finn Lanigan, and sets out to find him. This is a story of second chances, the complexities of family and learning to trust after betrayal. In these four books, the facets of love all combine to form: Blended for Love.

Please note: Seductive Shadows is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Are you in the need for adventure with a side of sexy marine? Meet fiercely independent Cali from TAG by Shari J. Ryan as she navigates the canyons of Mexico where the waterfalls provide safety and romance has a pesky way of showing up when she least expects it. And Tango is full of the unexpected.

Need a sultry story with exotic undertones to make your heart race and put a naughty smile on your face? Then Charlie from Seductive Shadows by Marni Mann is your gal. She is a passionate, sensually inspired art student with a job offer at the mansion that is almost too good to be true. Add in the connection to the mysterious Cameron, who stimulates her art, intellect and desires all the way to her core, and you’ll be left captivated by this alluring novel.

Want something light that renews you like a girl’s night out with your BFFs and a few glasses of chardonnay? Meet Stephanie from Just Friends with Benefits by Meredith Schorr, in her pursuit of love, her adventures in friendship, and her journey to discover what really matters. Stephanie’s story couples humor with the age old yearning for Craig, ‘the one that got away.’

Or, perhaps the more mature Blythe from Blue Midnight by Tess Thompson fits your mood. Newly divorced, she questions her road not taken, sexy and sweet Finn Lanigan, and sets out to find him. This is a story of second chances, the complexities of family and learning to trust after betrayal. In these four books, the facets of love all combine to form: Blended for Love.

Best-selling Author Shari J. Ryan hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her hubby and two lively little boys. Ryan has published the 3-book Schasm Series for Romantic Suspense/Thriller fans. “TAG” is her first book written solely for the Romantic Suspense audience. She is hard at work on “Red Nights” a standalone coming early 2015.
Best-selling Author Marni Mann crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. Her next book, an erotic romance titled “Unblocked” is coming early 2015. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

A born and bred New Yorker, best-selling author Meredith Schorr writes “real” chick lit and women’s contemporary fiction, securing much inspiration from her day job as a hard-working trademark paralegal and her still single (but looking) status. Meredith is a loyal New York Yankees fan and an avid runner. Her fourth novel,” How Do You Know?” was released on December 2, 2014. 

Best-selling romantic suspense novelist Tess Thompson lives in a suburb of Seattle with her two young daughters and their two naughty cats. When not writing or taking care of her girls, she enjoys the outdoors, exercise, wine, cooking, sometimes cooking while drinking wine, travel, binge-watching quality television and reading curled up on the couch. Her seventh novel, “Duet For Three Hands”, will be released in February, 2015.

For more information go to:

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Elaine Calloway's NO GRITS NO GLORY Spotlight & Giveaway

Brianna fled down South to Savannah to escape the voices of the dead. Just when she thought she’d left all paranormal things behind, she discovers her house is haunted—by a family of Southern ghosts. These persistent beings not only hide her white shoes after Labor Day, but they wreak havoc on her life to convince her to help them bring their killer to justice.
Steven put Savannah in his rearview mirror years ago to follow his passion for music. When his band splits up and he can’t reach his little sister for weeks, he races home—only to learn his whole family died in a mysterious house fire. The house Brianna now lives in.
Together, Brianna and Steven learn who murdered Steven’s family and become caught in a web of intrigue that will threaten their careers, their homes--but especially their lives. 

About Elaine Calloway
Elaine Calloway is the bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy novels with elements of romance and desire. Her “tales of the living, 
the dead and the eerie in between” include the Elemental Clans Series, the Southern Ghosts Series and several short stories. A New Orleans native, Elaine grew up with a love of all things supernatural and enjoys visiting the “Crescent City.” She currently lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest    

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McKenzie Hunter's MOON TORTURED Book Spotlight & Giveaway

Synopsis: Skylar’s death came not at the end, after a long fulfilling existence, not in the middle, as a result of an untimely tragic event—but at the beginning, with her birth. 
As a final effort to save her dying unborn child, Skylar’s pregnant mother, a witch, sacrificed herself by invoking a powerful spirit shade to inhabit Skylar’s body, imbuing her with life. For twenty-three years, Skylar lived a life of oblivion, content with her simple job, loving adoptive mother and the monthly inconvenience of a full moon hangover after being sedated and caged when she changed into a wolf. It wasn’t exciting but it was her life until one night, she woke up in a strange room in the middle of rural Illinois—bruised and with jumbled memories of her mother’s death from a vampire attack. The Midwest pack comes to her rescue. Known for being more ruthless than altruistic she doesn’t know if she can trust them. 
But after an assassination attempt by a necromancer, an abduction attempt by a mercenary, and more aggressive and violent attacks by the vampires, she has no other choice but to accept their help. The Midwest pack quickly discover that Skylar is the host to a spirit shade, who gives her magical abilities, that make her as much of a danger as an asset and that she is the key to the vampires’ plan to perform a ritual that will give them unrestricted power. Tension rises as the pack become divided between those who think her life is worth protecting as a potential ally and those who believe she is too dangerous to live. In the end, Skylar finds herself fighting for her life—a life that may be tragically taken too soon.

About the Author:
McKenzie has always loved to write but like most would-be authors, life just got in the way. Between working as a physical therapist by day, maintaining her title as “world’s greatest auntie”, and trying to invent a zero calorie pizza, she realized reading and enjoying other’s work wasn’t enough.
Six years ago, she took the best advice to “write what you love to read” and that is exactly what she did. As an avid reader, she remembers the joy of cracking open a new book, and recently powering on her tablet, and becoming completely immersed in a well-written story. Now, not only does she find joy in her 9 to 5, but also in creating a world of fantasy where all the odd things that dwell in it do more than just go bump in the night.
Her love for urban fantasy can be seen in MOON TORTURED, the Sky Brooks series. It takes you on fantastical journey with were-animals, elves, vampires, witches and faes. A rich world, engaging characters, adventure and mystery, that only urban fantasy can deliver.  
Follow McKenzie at: Website   FB   Twitter   Instagram: @mckenziehunter_ 

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Naomi Bellina's RULED BY THE MOON, Guest Post & Giveaway !

A psychic vet, a secretive werewolf, a menace stalking the shifters. Welcome to Nocturne.

Dylan is a werewolf with a problem. He shifts at the new moon as well as at the full moon. He was born a werewolf, not made like most shape-changers and due to these unique traits he's avoided joining a pack and has given up hope of having a normal life. Morgan is a veterinarian, ready to be on her own for a good long time after leaving a cheating, spineless husband. She has a plan for her life that doesn't include a bossy, furry man. 
Both are drawn to Nocturne, a town filled with magic due to a strong convergence of ley lines in the area. Morgan and Dylan recognize a connection when they meet, but neither one is looking for romance. After a harrowing encounter with a panther shape-shifter, they must combine forces and work together to uncover a menace that threatens the town. If they can learn to trust each other and let their guard down, they have a chance to solve the mystery and open the door to love.

Metadata tags: Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves, Suspense, Magic

“You really should get that lock on your door fixed.”
Morgan stood in the kitchen, leaning casually against the counter, not looking overly concerned to have a shotgun pointed at her.
“You really should knock and not sneak up on people.”
“I did knock. No one answered. I came in.”
He lowered the weapon. “I leave the door unlocked a lot. Most people around here do. It’s not an invitation to enter my home.” Dylan’s heart pounded. She looked unbelievably hot. The air in the room danced with electricity and a shiver of wanting ran through him.
“How about that bulge in your pants? Is that an invitation?”
Aware that his cock was standing at attention, Dylan called up every ounce of self-control he possessed. The very worst thing in the world that could happen right now was for him to be close to this woman.
“Morgan, you need to leave. Now. It’s not safe for you to be here.”
Smiling seductively, she walked toward him. He backed up until they were both in the dining room. Her eyes sparked as she undid the tie on her coat and dropped it to the floor. He moaned. The reality of her naked body was better than his imagination. Full breasts, with brown jutting nipples, a little roundness to her belly and hips that begged for his hands to hold them. She didn’t shave herself bald, revealing the hair on her head to be her true color.
“Look, I know you think this is a bad idea, but I’d really like a chance to prove it’s not. I know you want me. There was enough fire in that kiss to ignite a volcano. Come on, let’s give this a whirl and see what happens.”
Smiling, she walked to him and brushed her breasts against his chest then leaned her pelvis close, rubbing against his pants. The silk material was so thin, he could feel her coarse pubic hair on his stiff cock. Dylan closed his eyes. He knew he needed to get the hell out of that room but he couldn’t move. His body ached with desire.
“Please, Morgan, don’t do this.”
“How about I do this, then?”
Reaching through the opening of his pants, she grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it with her fingertips.
“Damn, you feel good. I’m so ready for you.” She put his hand between her legs.
He could feel her heat and almost taste her wet juice in his mouth. Saliva formed and a powerful rush of energy roared through his body. Don’t, don’t, don’t! His mind told him to push her away and run like hell, while every cell in his body longed to take her.
Just a little, I can have just a little. I can control it.
Calling up every ounce of strength he possessed, he pushed the animal back and wrapped his arms around her, buying his nose in her hair. That smell! It was more intoxicating than his whiskey. As his body made contact with hers, heat seared through him in a path right to his soul. She fit perfectly, as though she were designed for him. His heart leapt, and for just a moment, he thought it was going to work. He was going to make love to this enchanting woman. He was going to see his hunger reflected in her eyes, was going to feel her move with him in that ancient dance of desire. He was going to wake up to her smile in the morning.
Then he brushed his hand across her bare back and his nail dug into her skin.
Morgan yelped and pulled away from him.
“Ow! That hurt!”
Shit. It was not going to work. He couldn’t hold it back, he was going to change.
“Get out of my house, now!” he ordered
Morgan backed away slowly. “Why? What’s going on?”
“Get out!” He turned his back to her.
He stood, panting, trying desperately to stop the shift but it was no use. In a few moments the beast would be in control.

Author Bio: 
Naomi lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat.
She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets but is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling in love. So she lets them. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play whenever possible. Her motto:  Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure! 

Where to find me (I play around at Pinterest, Goodreads, and other places too) Website   FB   Twitter   

Guest Post with Naomi Bellina
When designing the town of Nocturne, I had to come up with a reason that werewolves, witches and other folks with magical abilities would congregate there. I've always been fascinated with ley lines so I did some research and found they could very well be running through my fictitious Midwestern United States area. Check out this Google page for some great maps of ley lines in North America. They're everywhere!
According to Wikipedia, ley lines are "...supposed alignments of numerous places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords." Other definitions include the possibility that these are paths of energy or special powers. It makes perfect sense then, that areas along these lines would be magic. Stonehenge and other ancient places are believed to sit on these energy vortex spots.
People coming to Nocturne feel the pull of the area and that's why Morgan the psychic, Dylan the werewolf, Genevieve the witch and others make their home here. Vincent, the leader of the Howler pack, finds Nocturne disturbing, but he lives just outside the town. The influence of the ley lines reaches him, but not so overwhelmingly.
I would love to visit some of the ancient power areas in Europe. Have you ever been to one? Did you feel the magic? Thanks for reading!

PS   I'm running a Rafflecopter for a $25 Amazon gift card here, so drop by and enter.  


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