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Karen Marie Moning- To Tame a Highland Warrior (book 2)

He was born Gavreal McIllioch but gave everything up and became Grimm when he was almost 15 years old. His father was wounded during battle but before that Grimm caught his father kneeling over his mothers dead body. When Grimm ran away and hid in the highlands for a year he found a young girl playing and she took him home as her new toy. He trained and lived with her and her family. Jillian the young girl grew up and fell in love with Grimm but he was about 7 years older than her and he thought it was too much of an age difference for them to be together plus he was hiding a very big secret from her. Grimm is a Berserker, a man that turns into a Beast during battles or at the site of blood. Another clan called the McKane clan set out to kill all of the McIllioch clan and to destroy the Berserker blood line. The McKane clan attacked Jillian's home so to keep her safe Grimm left her and her family. For years he watched and protected her from a distance. He knew he loved her but thought that he was going mad like his father since he thought he called on the Berserker- he had no idea that he was born that way. When Jillian's parents left to go visit her brother he called Grimm and two other men to try to get them to court her. For years she had been turning down all men who came asking for her hand in marriage. She knew in her heart that there was only one man for her and when he showed up she was not happy to see him since she was still upset with him for leaving her years before. One of the other two men found out what Grimm was and made a deal with the McKane to kill him and Jillian. He tried three times to kill him so to protect Jillian he left again so she agreed to marry one of the other men. Grimm came after her and took her back to his family land only to find out that everything he believed for the last 15 years had been wrong. He reunited with his father and unknown uncle. The McKane attacked, there was a battle, there was a wedding and there was sex- to find out more... read the book, it was a good one and you get to find out what they really wear under their kilts. Rating: 4

Kresley Cole- Pleasures of a Dark Prince

Garreth, once known as the Dark Prince of the werewolf clan was forced into being the King he never thought he would have to be because his brother Lachlain was kidnapped and imprisoned for 150 years by vampires. Garreth never gave up hope his brother was still alive. Lucia the Huntress is a Valkyrie was simply known as the Archer. She learned at the age of 16 years old not to believe everything you see with your eyes alone. She wanted out of the *boring* Valhalla and would spend hours looking out the portal to the other realms. When one day Crom a beautiful man offered to marry her and take her away, her family forbid her to she him again but she didn't listen to them and married him anyway. When she went to touch her husband for the first time he wasn't real, she was then knocked out and taken to a mountain cavern where she meet her Real husband who was named the Bloody Broken One. He was much like the devil himself but he needed a pure wife to help him escape his hell in the caves. After he claimed her brutality she chose death over this life and threw herself over a cliff into the ocean where her sister Regin, the Radiant who was 12 years old at the time saved her but by doing so she also gave up her home in Valhalla. Regin took her to another Goddess and demanded that she be saved. The Goddess did save her but with conditions, she was to be her husband’s jailer, because every 500 years he would be able to escape and she had to stop him, plus she also had to be chaste and never to allow a man to touch her sexually. The Goddess then gave her the power of being the best archer in the world but the last condition was if she ever missed a target she would feel pain unlike any other. Once Garreth learned she was his Mate he did everything in his power to keep her safe but also everything in his power to claim her. So she ran from him for 1 year, Lucia knew if she ever gave into him she would lose her archer power and wouldn’t be able to save the world from her evil husband. But Garreth would never gave up the hunt until he found her. Now Lucia has to make the choice her archer abilities or her werewolf mate. Rating 4.5 

Kresley Cole- Deep Kiss of Winter

Murdoch Wroth’s story runs along the same time as his brothers, but his bride was a secret. Daniela the Ice Maiden is half Valkyrie, also the rightful queen of the Icere.  After her mother was killed trying to reclaim her crown, Danii spent most of her life running and fearing death from the Icere people who wanted her dead and wanted to keep the evil king crown safe. Sadly for Danii she was unable to touch or be touched by anyone other than her Icere people, but since they wanted her dead she bound to be a touchless virgin forever. Murdoch was angry at all Valkyrie for what he thought Myst had done to his brother Nikolai, blooding him and leaving him in painful arousal for 5 yrs. Once he helped his brother find Myst he decided to catch one himself so he could find out information about the Lore. After stalking and saving Danii from an Icere attack he took her to his temp home to care for her where he quickly learned she had blooded him. Murdoch never wanted to be blooded, he was a man-whore in his human days and never saw himself with only one women even after 300 yrs without sex, he just didn't think he needed it. Until then his bride was untouchable, whenever someone touched Danii with their bare hand it would burn her skin and cause an unbearable pain. They tried to make it work but being unable to touch weighed down on their relationship. Then the evil king was killed and Danii was called to fill her rightful place as Queen and at the same time Murdoch was put in prison for hiding his fallen brother Conrad. Will Murdoch be able to will his Bride back? Is it better for Danii to finally be with the people who she can touch and be touched by?  Rating: 4

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Kresley Cole- Kiss of a Demon King

Rydstrom, the fallen King of Rothkalina, has blamed his brother Cadeon for 900 years for the lost of his kingdom. After finding out his brother made a sacrifice he himself couldn't have made, he learned that no matter what happen he would have lost his kingdom and it wasn't his brothers fault. While racing to get to his brother he is run off the road by his fated female, who is also the half sister to the evil sorcerer that took his Kingdom. There's more to the kingdom then just a castle, the castle was built around the Wall Of Souls and the rage Demons were created to protect it. So for the past 900 years Rydstrom’s whole life was nothing but the pursuit of getting his crown back and freeing his people. Sabin, Queen of Illusions, was one that if she wanted you to see something you saw it as she wished it. After wrecking Rydstrom she took him back to his castle he lost and locked him in the dungeon, with plans to became pregnant with his first born. Years before she was told by a Soothsayer that she would be Rydstrom’s Queen and mother of his child, so the evil sorcerer tricked her into thinking she could have and raise this child to help her have power of the kingdom. But in truth the child was to be sacrificed to the Wall of Souls to unleash the power, because her brother wanted her for himself. Sabin knew the kingdom wouldn't claim her child as Rydstrom’s unless she had his vow of marriage and he refused to give it after he was sexual tormented by her. He then gave her a false vow and took her, a little too rough for her because she was virgin and the first time a rage demon takes his Fated female he turns totally Demon. He was also chained and unable to control himself so he took her hard. After accepting she was truly his Fated female he made a deal with a vampire to set him free and then he kidnapped Sabin, the vow he gave her instead of marriage was one of revenge and he planned to torment her for as many days as she did him. Cadeon came through and he got the one sword that can finally kill the evil sorcerer named Deathless. Will Rydstrom ever trust Sabin? Is there any good in Sabin? Will the kingdom ever be Rydstrom‘s to lead again? Rating: 4

Karen Marie Moning- Beyond the Highland Mist (book 1)

I took a small step from what I normally read to try this series and at first I was not really that into it but once it got going I liked it.
Hawk is a Laird in Scotland in the sixteenth century and Adrienne is a woman from modern times- he is a womanizer that does not want to settle down and she is a scorned woman who has sworn off beautiful men. Well in pops a vengeful fairy who snatched her from 1997 and put her back in time to the 1530's where men ruled the land and his castle. King James was a mean spiteful king who was jealous of Hawk's parents so when Hawk's father passed away the king said his dying wish was promising his newborn son into servitude for fifteen years to the King. Hawk performed his duties and when he was about to be released the King announced he would marry the woman of the King's choice, he picked Mad Janet, a crazy woman from another town thinking he was doing something so evil to Hawk. Mad Janet was killed and when the fairy dropped Adrienne into her father's lap he took the opportunity to use Adrienne to his advantage. She was wed to Hawk and taken back to his castle. The evil Fae, Adam, stayed around to seek revenge on Hawk and tried to woo Adrienne to his side just to hurt Hawk for something he thought Hawk did to his Queen. Adrienne thought she had feelings for Adam but truly she was in love with Hawk. Adam and the King took turns returning Adrienne back and forth from the past to the future, she would just flash in and out. To get Adri away from Adam, Hawk took her to a town days away and they finally became husband and wife in every sense of the word. Adam then threatened Hawk so Adri had to pretend she did not want Hawk anymore and she was returned back to 1997. So Hawk did everything possible to find and return Adri to him. Does she return to him??? Are they happy?? OR does he return to her day and time?? 
 My Rating: 4 

Kresley Cole- Dark Desires After Dusk

Cadeon Woede, Kingmaker of the rage demons and younger brother of Rydstorm the fallen King, was summed to his watch over his brothers kingdom 900 years ago. At the age of seven Cade was moved from his family to be raised by farmers since he was the sole heir to the thrown and it was safer to keep them separated. When Cadeon refused to go the kingdom was seen as weak and was taken over by an evil sorcerer Mort, which also lead to Cade’s adopted family being killed. For 900 years Cade worked to get his brothers crown back, while working as a mercenary had given him a reputation of getting the hardest jobs done. Then he was hired to bring The Vessel to the evil sorcerer's brother in return he would get the sword that could kill the evil sorcerer who was also known as deathless because he couldn’t be killed by normal means. He jumped on the deal because he thought he would finally be able to return his brothers kingdom to him. The Vessel is a lore female that can get pregnant and depending on the father give birth to the Greatest being of Good or Evil.
A year before Cade stumbled onto his fated female only to learn she was human. Demons can’t mate with humans because they wont live through the claiming, so Cade would just watch her from afar until he learned that his job and his fated female were the same. She was half human and half Valkyrie but had no ideal until she was kidnapped and was about to be raped and impregnated with the evil demons seed. Her Valkyrie side was awaken and she killed them all. Cade raced to help her and freed her from Demons who sought to have her and the Vampires who wanted her dead. Only months before he had been told by Nucking Futs Nix the Soothsayer and seer of the Valkyrie that he would have to give up his fated female to save the crown. Cade already knew he couldn't have her so he agreed. Not knowing she was truly Immortal. Tricking her into believing the sorcerer could change her back to human she went with Cade. He knew all along he would have to give her up for the sword. Will Cade trade love for a sword? Will the kingdom ever be returned? Rating: 4

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Kresley Cole- Dark Deeds at Nights Edge

After 300 years of bloodlust, Conrad is a fallen vampire that should be put to death at sight, but his 3 brothers felt they owed it to their brother to fight to bring him back from the bloodlust. So Conrad Wroth was captured by the men who had ruined his life. At the age of 13 and unknown to his family Conrad had became a member of the Kapsligas, a group of mortals and immortals whose sole purpose was to kill vampires. So once his newly turned older brothers made the decision to change him and his brother Sebastian, while they layed dying among their already dead sisters and father, into the one thing he hated and hunted. It drove him mad and into bloodlust. Tied to a bed in supernatural chains binding him, he was unable to trace or leave the yard surrounding the house. Then he begins to see a woman, with the bloodlust and drinking straight from the vein you take the memories and the powers of the being you drink to death so Conrad wasn't sure if he was really seeing a ghost or reliving someone else's memories.
Neomi Laress was a Ballerina in the year of 1927 she had made a nice life for herself and being an unmarried female, purchased a home on her own. After a year of not facing the truth Neomi broke up with her crazed fiancĂ© Louis, he wouldn't let her go so he stabbed her in the heart and the twisted it to cause her as much pain as possible, then turned the knife on himself slicing his throat. Neomi loved her home and held on to it with all her might even through death. Which bring us to present day, Neomi helps Conrad with his bloodlust and he soon realizes that she’s his Bride, but she’s unable to blood him because she’s not alive and they cannot touch. Neomi calls Mariketa, the witch who mated Bowen, to make her alive again. Mari wants to help her for a price but tells her she can only bring her back for a short time and she will die again and the day she tells anyone what happen will be the day she dies. Is Neomi really Conrad's bride? Can a vampire and a ghost make a life together? Wow it had to be hard being a Virgin for over 300 yrs.. No wonder he went mad.. Rating 4

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Karen Marie Moning- Dreamfever

Again I just don't know where to start with this book- with each book I fell more in love with this series.  Ok, at the end of the last book Mac was attacked by three, possibly four Dark Princes, (I could explain what the difference between the three and possible fourth is but honestly it would be better if you just read it- lol) She becomes Pri-ya which is a human that is now completely addicted to sex- Fae sex, it is all they want, think about and can do. When she was attacked they sucked her dry of her memories, she knew what was happening to her and tried to stop it but the overwhelming desire to do nothing except have sex was all she could do. Ok let me jump back a little, the LM managed to get the walls down between our world and Faery so Dublin was taken over by the Unseelie, Mac was in hiding in a church on Halloween night, Barrons was off in Scotland trying to keep the walls from coming down and the other sidhe-seers were doing what they could to help protect mankind from the Dark Fae. So the LM and the Dark Princes find Mac, Dani rescues her from them but the Grand Mistress just locks away in the basement because seriously she is not in good shape- major sex on the brain problem. Barrons shows up at the abbey to take her back but he is not alone- he has eight men with him- eight men that are just like him and you know what they are??? No, Me Neither!!! And Damn it I am I NEED to know but I am NOT going searching for it and lalalalalala *plugs ears* don't tell me!! I Love Barrons- this book he was just so..... what is the word I am looking for... he was just everything, yes that works he was just "everything" I wanted him to be. He worked to get Mac back to where she needed to be and I actually liked his methods- haha. So the GM and Mac start to work together but only at the request of the other sidhe-seers, Mac knows she can not trust the old woman. The LM shows up and gives Mac three days to decide what side she is on so after that Barrons makes her stick to his side. LM kidnaps Mac's parents and she has to travel alone to help them, the LM does not want Barrons anywhere near them but something goes wrong and Mac is sent into another realm, she finds Christian who disappeared on Halloween night with Barrons during their ritual. They get separated again and she ends up alone but is saved by a huge beast that protects her until Barrons' "friend" Ryodan comes for her- there is fighting- someone dies, someone goes over a cliff and it ENDED- the damn book just ENDED. OMG I am not sure I can wait until Jan 2011 for the 5th and final book in this series. Jan is a long time for me to keep my ears plugged!!   My Rating: 4.5 to 5

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Bad Moon Rising

Kattalakis is a name that turns heads among the secret realms. It is well known to the Were-Hunters as a part of the ruling council for all of the Katagari and Arcadian. The law enforcing Omegrion council maintains peace between the two bitter enemies to balance the laws of the universe and the powers of the gods. Living in the human world, yet concealing their true nature, many species blend with mankind to form an alliance of composed serenity. For centuries the rules have been clear. Stay with your own kind and species or endure the consequences.
A Katagari werewolf that can transform into a man, Fang Kattalakis carries a dark side of hate and powerful viciousness that is displayed with each step he takes. The only benign emotion he has ever exposed was for his brother and younger sister of his clan. Content to reek as a contaminated soul sated with malice, he has no mercy for any prey that crosses his path.
Aimee Peltier is the only daughter in the immense Peltier family of werebears. Devoted to her family, she assists with the family business but knows the span of time will come when she will be expected to contemplate her duty. As the last of her line, she must mate with a strong blood-lined Katagari werebear and take her rightful place upon the members of the Omegrion council. Yet with the ticking of time she fears the devastating secrets she keeps about her Arcadian soul will destroy her family forever. Being a beautiful woman that shape shifts into a bear is not acceptable in the rich blood-line that she supports.
A prohibited intimacy disentangles their hearts. Away from all eyes, no boundaries are formed as to how much the love flourishes between the heart of Fang and his forbidden Aimee. Denying destiny is a war that can not be won.... 
Denying the love of a lifetime is a war that neither want to fight. 

My Rating - 4 stars

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kresley Cole- Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night

 Bowen MacRieve suffered for 180 yrs after his mate was killed while running from him. He’s a proud Lykae; his clan couldn't understand why he kept living after her death. He spent the entire 180 years looking for a way to bring her back to him. After talking to Nix, the Valkyrie Seer, she told him to join the HIE, a competition between all the Lore’s. She told him if he went there he would find his mate. Mariketa was a witch that felt everyone in her life had throw her away and even though she was destined to be great she wanted to prove herself so she entered the HIE even though she was still mortal. She wore a red cape and a cloaking spell to keep her looks from being seen. She was told 4 years earlier that a warrior would claim her as his and not allow her to be the Queen of the witches, so she hid. Bowen was so determined to win The Key that could send someone back to the past so he could to save Mariah, his mate. He locked Mariketa in a cave where she was held by incubus, he had no idea she couldn’t get out and didn’t know she wasn’t alone in the cave. She told him she could open the wall to get out, then he was locked away for two weeks too but once he learned she was still locked in the cave he went to save her. Then he struck a deal with her because after 180 years she was the only female to make her feel again and he thought she had put a spell on him, so he wanted to enjoy the feeling of her as long as she had him under her spell but then he started to have real feelings that she was his mate. Only problem now is he hated witches and thought maybe she was Mariah reborn... Is she Mariah? Will he be able to accept her for who and what she is? My Rating: 4

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- Faefever

On to book three and NO I still don't know what Jericho Barrons is, but I have a few guesses. Mac is still out to get the Lord Master for killing her sister but now she has other things to worry about. She knows that there are others like her but they will not let her join their group, the head Seer, Rowena does not trust Mac and even more so now since Mac brought V'lane into their home. Rowena sent some of the other Seers to hurt or kill Mac and to steal the weapon that she owns. There is still strong sexual tension between Mac and Barrons with nothing coming between the two of them. In this book Mac has three men fighting for her attention and all for either the same reasons or very different reasons- it varies from day to day but it keeps the story interesting. Now Christian is needing Mac's help and of course she doesn't know if she can trust him or not. Barrons and V'lane are both working different angles with Mac but I have to say V'lane is trying really hard to have sex with her. He brings her flowers, chocolate and shifts her away to remote beaches for some good food and tanning. Barrons is teaching her how to hold up against "Voice" , something that the LM was able to use on her last time and she had to do whatever he told her to do. Halloween is a big deal for all sides and when the "good guys" try to keep the wall up all Hell breaks loose. LM takes over and things turn really nasty for Mac. End of the book finally has some sex in it and boy was it wild!  Rating: 4.5

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- Bloodfever

LOL, I am still a little confused on what Barron’s could possibly be- ok I admit it- I don’t have a clue yet. I like his character a lot, he’s very dry and his sense of humor though lacking sometimes is kinda funny. Mac is still in Ireland working with Barrons looking for the Sinsar Dubh and for the man that killed her sister. Mac is kidnapped by a vampire who she thought they had previously killed but since he was part human and part Fae all she did was kill the Fae part of him so he was doing nothing but rotting. V’lane showed up again and whisked Mac to Faery for what she thought was just an hour but it was for a month. Barrons was out of his mind crazy with worry while she was gone. The main police inspector that was investigating her sisters murder ended up murdered himself and now the new detective is following Mac wanted answers to what she knows about it. She and Barrons have a lust filled moment where I was hoping they would do something but of course they didn’t. Mac also learns that there are more Sidhe-seers out there and she meets a few. Whenever Mac is near the Sinsar Dubh she passes out because she is filled with good and the book is filled with and made from evil. Mac learns from another of her kind that she and her sister are adopted, she asked her father about it and he admits that it is true. When she doesn’t talk to him in a few days so he flies to Ireland to talk to her. She learns that with the adoption came a few rules and the main rule was that neither of the girls ever be allowed to step foot into Ireland. Mac learns a few more things that confuse her about Barrons and he refuses to answer her questions about what he truly is. At the end of the book I was still confused- lol.   Rating: 4

Karen Marie Moning- Darkfever

Ok I really don't know where to begin with this book, I was not prepared for how this book is written. The main female character talks to the reader some and then tells a story also. MacKayla Lane is a young 22 year old human female from Georgia, when her older sister is murdered while in Ireland, Mac goes in search for answers and revenge. Her only clue to her sisters murder is a very cryptic message left on Mac's cell phone. Once in Ireland Mac talks to all of her sisters professors and friends but no one can give her the answers she needs, so she goes to the police for help. When they don't seem to want to help her she wonders around town and ends up in a book store. While leaving she asked the counter lady about a book her sister mentioned in the message. The mysterious owner of the bookstore comes out to answer a few of her questions. Ok to get more into the story- his name is Jericho Barrons and I can not figure out what the hell he is. He explains to Mac that she is a Sidhe-seer and she is a special human that can see the Fae for what they really are. There are two different kinds of Fae- the Seelie (good) and Unseelie (bad) and she can see both. She also has a special ability to "feel" certain Fae artifacts so Barrons keeps her around to help him locate items. He is also looking for the book that Mac is looking for, it is a special Dark Fae book written over a million years ago by the King of the Unseelie. Barrons and Mac learn that others are after the book also, one being  V'lane who is a Prince from the Seelie side. His look, touch and thoughts are enough to send a woman into intense sexual desires, Mac calls him the "death-by-sex-Fae" and he causes her troubles in public a few times by making her strip down naked. Barrons and Mac find one of the few weapons that can kill a Fae. I seriously don't know who was left with more questions in this book me or Mac- haha. Rating: 4

Kresley Cole- No Rest for the Wicked

Kaderin the Coldhearted lost her emotions 1000 years ago after witnessing her blood sisters beheaded during war and then begged an unknown source to free her from the pain. Her life was nothing but killing Vampires and being left out of all of her Valkyrie sisters happy, sad and arousing moments. Preparing for her upcoming HIE and event that involves the lore, a competition to win prizes from a Goddess and be known as the best in the Lore World. On her way to her London flat away from her Valkyrie sisters in Val Hall she takes a quick job to kill a Vampire that the villagers have been afraid of for over 300 years. Sebastian has lived alone ever since his brother Nikolai Wroth turned him against his wishes. He wanted to die with the rest of his family that night but his two newly turned Vampire brothers tried to save their whole family instead. They were only able to save Sebastian and their other brother Conrad. Kaderin is all set to kill Sebastian but stopped, the only other time that Kaderin was not be able to swing the killing blow was when she felt compassion for another vampire and spared his life, he ended up being the one vampire that later killed her blood sisters. She couldn't understand why she could not kill Sebastian, he even asked her too, until he touched her and he felt his heart start to beat again knowing she was his bride. Kaderin herself starts to FEEL, which is impossible because she doesn't feel anything before him. Unable to understand this she runs from him and once a way from Sebastian she becomes cold again. After entering the HIE to win the prize of The Key to return to the past, her mind is set to save her sisters from their death.. Sebastian, who is a scholar, needs to find his bride, with no information about her he decides to do the impossible which is Trace to a person instead of a place he has been before, this is unheard of, no vampire can trace to a person, but Sebastian did. He also enters the HIE in hopes if he won the prize for her she would see him as a worthy mate and accept him even though he's a Vampire and she hates vampires. Who will win the HIE? Is love stronger than Hate? Will her cold heart melt for a Vampire?    Rating: 4

Kresley Cole- A Hunger Like No Other

Lachlain, King of the Lykae, was ambushed and locked in the catacombs for 150 years to forever burn over and over again in Hells fires. On the verge of insanity he finally frees himself by ripping his own leg off with new strength from feeling his Mate so near, this was all so new to him so he knows he must find out who she is.  Emmaline, the adopted daughter of Annika, who is the leader of the Valkyrie is the sworn enemy to Vampires and Lykae. But it just so happens that Emmaline is half Vampire and half Valkyrie she was always protected and sheltered but she wasn't a warrior like her Valkyrie Aunts. Deciding to search out information about her mother and father, Emmaline leaves the safety of her home for the first time in her life. Being only 70 years old she hasn't learned how to do tracing or other Vampire things, tracing will take her from one place another in a blink of the eye. She soon finds herself pinned to the ground by a very big, very handsome Lachlain. He is fresh from his 150 year prison confinement and unfamiliar with the modern day. After learning his mate is a Vampire he is torn between his hatred of vampires and his new feelings for Emmaline. Because he was locked away by vampires he thinks they are all evil. Should he take his pain out on her or love her for the mate she is, unable to decide he talks her into helping him get home, with plans to bed her either way. After finally accepting each other they both learn that Emmaline’s father is the King of the vampires that locked Lachlain away and killed his family. Emmaline decides that it’s up to her to bring her Father down. Can a Lykae and a halfling live together? Will his clan or her Coven allow it? Is their love strong enough to overcome the Pain they both feel? Rating: 4  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kresley Cole- Playing Easy to Get

A sexy shorty about: Nikolai Wroth, a human turned Vampire is a warrior and has been hoping and looking for his Bride for a very long time. He knows once he finds his Bride she will make him alive again (sort of), he will be Blooded. This rare breed of Vampires does not take blood from live flesh, thinking this will keep them from becoming Blood lusted. While fighting evil Vampires he spots a woman in a dungeon window and is unable to keep from searching her out. Once his army has won the castle he finds her in hopes she is his Bride. She is very different from other women he has known and he has never seen a creature like her. Myst is a Valkyrie and she isn't forth coming with answers. So Wroth is forced to leave her in the cell. He’s later told by his King that he needs to learn what she is so he called her up to his room, at first Myst is very flirtatious and isn't ashamed of her body even after being in a dirty cell for 4 days she offers to share a shower with Wroth. No matter how much he would like too, he refuses because he doesn't want her to see his flaccid penis, which hasn't been hard for 300 yrs. It didn't bother him before, but he was hoping Myst was his Bride and he would know instantly if she was because his heart would start to beat again, he would take a breath and he would need to claim her (sexually). A Human turned Vampire needs his Bride to become a Full vampire making him stronger and alive. After her stripping in front of him and grabbing his soft penis with no response he knows she’s not the one. Unsure of herself, Myst climbs in Wroth arms and falls asleep, when he wakes he knows it’s time for answers and even though they got close while holding each other through the night he still needs answers for his King. So if Myst isn't willing to tell him what she is then he will have no choice but to torture her. Once Myst is returned to the cell her feelings are hurt and she realizes that the man whose arms she slept in all night will torture her and her emotions escape her, her tears fall freely. Once seeing this Wroth starts to feel hard pounding taking a few minutes to realize it’s his heart and she is his Bride only after she showed her true self did his body respond to hers. With this knowledge it is very hard to control himself, but he still does, preparing her for his huge size, seconds after giving her orgasms from his fingers and his kisses. Her sisters, the Valkyrie, show up to save her and they are enemies to all Vampires. They plan to kill Wroth but Myst tells her sisters it would be worst to leave him in need for her instead of killing him. Five years have passed and Wroth has been aroused painfully the whole time looking for his Bride, the only person that can release the pressure of his need. Will He Find Myst? Will she help him?   4 rating

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Lie

Book 6-Gideon, Keeper of Lies and Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares, by far was my favorite book out of the series. It has everything from love, pain, happiness, to whoring lol. Gideon’s demon Lies will weaken him with unbelievable pain if he ever speaks the truth, unlike other Lords his demon doesn't really talk to him, but he always sensed it. But it wasn't like another being inside him like the other Lords, so Gideon was the funniest Lord to try to understand, if he wanted to “Kill you” he had to say "I want to Kiss you". After Cronus gave the Lords a list of names of other Demon possessed Gods and Goddesses, they went in search for them. Scarlet didn't want to be involved and told the Lords so. The Lords felt she was too dangerous and feared she would be taken by the Hunters and used against them. So they had two options they put her in the dungeon in hopes they could convince her to join them or they would have to kill her. Scarlet being the Keeper of Nightmares reached out to a sleeping and injured Gideon and demanded he come see her. When he did he noticed that she had a tattoo of the words TO PART IS TO DIE just like his, so he wanted to know why they shared the same tattoo. Scarlet wasn't talking and she wanted to be alone after she was sure it was Gideon, she made a deal with him, she would tell him one thing about their relationship if he left her alone. Of course Gideon said NO DEAL.. which really meant DEAL! So she shocked him by saying they were married, Gideon couldn't remember her and they both believed that someone had screwed with his memories. They set out to find the truth, after getting close Scarlet finally showed Gideon all her memories through a dream, he learned that they had been married and had a son Steel, who was killed in front of Scarlet's eyes. Gideon felt her pain as if it was his own. After confronting her step-father Cronus he told her she never had a child and he would have known because the shared a jail cell the whole time they were imprisoned. So now that they learned it was Scarlet’s memories that were screwed with instead of Gideon’s. Will they be able to find the truth? Will Scarlet be able to get over all the pain she THOUGHT Gideon had caused her? Will Gideon learn the truth of their relationship and learn to love her anyways?.. Well I hope so..  Rating: 5

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- book 3

Bram, the leader of the Doomsday Brethren is brought down by a mysterious Dark cloud. Knowing the Leader is hurt, the evil Wizard and his army attacks, they want the book. The Brethren decides to split in teams in hopes the Evil army can’t find them. Little did they know that the Evil wizard has put a magical trace on the book so if they disappear and reappear with the book the Evil wizard will know where they are. Sebelle the only sister of Bram is teamed with a now healthy but single Lucan, who she helped stay alive and Ice a Brethren that most believe is insane and is also a enemy of Bram. But the feud was set aside for the betterment of Wizardkind, Lucan is hurt in the attack, which leaves only Ice to save and protect Sebelle. He moves Bram to the one place most of the privilege wouldn't dare live, in Ice’s cave home, it’s the only place safe from the evil wizard . Sebelle and Ice know there's an attraction between them but she would never embrace it because Bram has already set her up to marry a man who could sway the council vote to the Brethren. Ice is under her station and it is unheard of them to mate. But after finally being alone with Ice she starts to feel that their stations in life don't matter and she wants him, he has wanted her since first seeing her, but never thought he would have a chance with her. Once learning that if she marries the other man it will help MagicKind defeat the Evil wizard, he chooses to step aside. Members of the council are killed by the evil wizard and he makes a bid for a seat. The Doomsday Brethren thinks Lucan would be the best for the job to go up against the Evil wizard, but not unmated. Bram tells Sebelle she must marry him, Lucan doesn't love her but he could learn too. Will Sebelle choose Lucan? Will the fact the Ice was born to poverty stop him from having the love and the mate that was meant to be his? Rating: 4

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- book 2

Caden is an ex-marine trying to ignore his MagicKind blood line, he chooses to live in the Humankind world until his older brother became gravely ill so he returns to the life he wanted to forget. Bram, the leader of The Doomsday Brethren and best friend to Caden’s brother Lucan sends Caden back to Humankind posing as a photographer for a Rag magazine. Sydney is the head writer and she has a story she can finally sink her teeth in to, tired of writing things without facts, she finds a scared woman who claims to be a witch and who was kidnapped leaving her true mate ill with mourning of her. But once the woman breaks from her mate, she knows she has lost someone but doesn't know who he is. Sydney prints the story which puts her in danger. On her birthday she is given a book in which she thinks it just a sexual fantasy book, Sydney had her eye on Caden since the first day he walked in, Caden has an instance need to taste her which means she must be his true mate. He burns for her, so after what happened to his brother there is no way he was going take a mate. Sydney decides to write in the book to get Caden in her bed, it works because of the book but Sydney doesn't know if Caden truly cares for her or it’s the magic of the book. Once Caden learns she has the book he tries to return it to the Doomsday Brethren, but the book can’t be taken from a woman using it freely given. Is Caden’s attraction only because of the wish written in the book? Will the Doomsday Brethren get the book back so that the evil wizard won’t destroy the world?  Rating: 4

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- Novella

Ronan Wolvesey and his twin brother Raiden, were cursed with never having love. In their family if they fell in love and mated, the woman would die. So all the men in their family had to sleep around in hopes of impregnating a woman to continue their family line. The twins wandered into their normal Pub in hopes to score, when Ronan notices the bartender every single time he comes in, he has tried to have
her for years. But Kair is not having it, no matter how hard it is to stay out of Ronan arms, she fights it. It becomes easier with every night that passes and he leaves with a different woman.Kari is human and so is most of the clientele of her bar, but MagicKind is there and for some reason Kari can tell the difference between the races, which puts her in danger. Ronan vows to protect her while still trying to have her, he feels if he has her once it will get her out of his system. He burns for her and Kari can no longer fight her feelings for Ronan after he saves and protects her, they kiss and Ronan realizes that she is his Mate. Once a Wizard tastes his true Mate no one will ever do, he knows he can’t have her or she will die. The Doomsday Brethren gets involved when the evil Wizard comes around, ill Kari live if she lets herself mate with Ronan? Will Ronan even take the chance to lose Kari by mating her? Rating: 4 

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethen- Book 1

Marrok, is an immortal Knight, who made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong woman. He was all about his job protecting King Author so he didn't have time for love. Morganna, a woman who wanted more than a quickie, cursed Marrok to live forever. She was a spurned Witch that would torment him through the centuries, Marrok could have sex, but could never climax. He choose not to bother with sex and stayed alonefor hundreds of years. Protecting the one thing he thought would release him from his curse, he wanted death. Olivia moved to a new country in hopes of finding the father she never knew. She opens an art gallery and befriends Bram, who is a wizard. Olivia doesn't know Bram wants Morganna’s book, but wouldn't dare try to take it from 6'5, 240lb Marrok. Soon after moving Olivia starts to have erotic dreams of Marrok without ever meeting him. Bram decides to bring them together because he feels Olivia is a family member of Morganna and can release Marrok from the curse with the book. Marrok has hundreds of years of wood cravings and takes them to Olivia’s art gallery. He senses her as being Morganna and Olivia is stunned to see the man of her dreams. He then kidnaps her demanding she release him from the curse so he can die. The book also holds the power to destroy all Magic Kind. A ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. Will Olivia release Marrok from the curse? Will Bram get the book so he can protect all Magic Kind? Is love stronger then magic?  Rating: 4.5