Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kresley Cole- Playing Easy to Get

A sexy shorty about: Nikolai Wroth, a human turned Vampire is a warrior and has been hoping and looking for his Bride for a very long time. He knows once he finds his Bride she will make him alive again (sort of), he will be Blooded. This rare breed of Vampires does not take blood from live flesh, thinking this will keep them from becoming Blood lusted. While fighting evil Vampires he spots a woman in a dungeon window and is unable to keep from searching her out. Once his army has won the castle he finds her in hopes she is his Bride. She is very different from other women he has known and he has never seen a creature like her. Myst is a Valkyrie and she isn't forth coming with answers. So Wroth is forced to leave her in the cell. He’s later told by his King that he needs to learn what she is so he called her up to his room, at first Myst is very flirtatious and isn't ashamed of her body even after being in a dirty cell for 4 days she offers to share a shower with Wroth. No matter how much he would like too, he refuses because he doesn't want her to see his flaccid penis, which hasn't been hard for 300 yrs. It didn't bother him before, but he was hoping Myst was his Bride and he would know instantly if she was because his heart would start to beat again, he would take a breath and he would need to claim her (sexually). A Human turned Vampire needs his Bride to become a Full vampire making him stronger and alive. After her stripping in front of him and grabbing his soft penis with no response he knows she’s not the one. Unsure of herself, Myst climbs in Wroth arms and falls asleep, when he wakes he knows it’s time for answers and even though they got close while holding each other through the night he still needs answers for his King. So if Myst isn't willing to tell him what she is then he will have no choice but to torture her. Once Myst is returned to the cell her feelings are hurt and she realizes that the man whose arms she slept in all night will torture her and her emotions escape her, her tears fall freely. Once seeing this Wroth starts to feel hard pounding taking a few minutes to realize it’s his heart and she is his Bride only after she showed her true self did his body respond to hers. With this knowledge it is very hard to control himself, but he still does, preparing her for his huge size, seconds after giving her orgasms from his fingers and his kisses. Her sisters, the Valkyrie, show up to save her and they are enemies to all Vampires. They plan to kill Wroth but Myst tells her sisters it would be worst to leave him in need for her instead of killing him. Five years have passed and Wroth has been aroused painfully the whole time looking for his Bride, the only person that can release the pressure of his need. Will He Find Myst? Will she help him?   4 rating

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Lie

Book 6-Gideon, Keeper of Lies and Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares, by far was my favorite book out of the series. It has everything from love, pain, happiness, to whoring lol. Gideon’s demon Lies will weaken him with unbelievable pain if he ever speaks the truth, unlike other Lords his demon doesn't really talk to him, but he always sensed it. But it wasn't like another being inside him like the other Lords, so Gideon was the funniest Lord to try to understand, if he wanted to “Kill you” he had to say "I want to Kiss you". After Cronus gave the Lords a list of names of other Demon possessed Gods and Goddesses, they went in search for them. Scarlet didn't want to be involved and told the Lords so. The Lords felt she was too dangerous and feared she would be taken by the Hunters and used against them. So they had two options they put her in the dungeon in hopes they could convince her to join them or they would have to kill her. Scarlet being the Keeper of Nightmares reached out to a sleeping and injured Gideon and demanded he come see her. When he did he noticed that she had a tattoo of the words TO PART IS TO DIE just like his, so he wanted to know why they shared the same tattoo. Scarlet wasn't talking and she wanted to be alone after she was sure it was Gideon, she made a deal with him, she would tell him one thing about their relationship if he left her alone. Of course Gideon said NO DEAL.. which really meant DEAL! So she shocked him by saying they were married, Gideon couldn't remember her and they both believed that someone had screwed with his memories. They set out to find the truth, after getting close Scarlet finally showed Gideon all her memories through a dream, he learned that they had been married and had a son Steel, who was killed in front of Scarlet's eyes. Gideon felt her pain as if it was his own. After confronting her step-father Cronus he told her she never had a child and he would have known because the shared a jail cell the whole time they were imprisoned. So now that they learned it was Scarlet’s memories that were screwed with instead of Gideon’s. Will they be able to find the truth? Will Scarlet be able to get over all the pain she THOUGHT Gideon had caused her? Will Gideon learn the truth of their relationship and learn to love her anyways?.. Well I hope so..  Rating: 5

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- book 3

Bram, the leader of the Doomsday Brethren is brought down by a mysterious Dark cloud. Knowing the Leader is hurt, the evil Wizard and his army attacks, they want the book. The Brethren decides to split in teams in hopes the Evil army can’t find them. Little did they know that the Evil wizard has put a magical trace on the book so if they disappear and reappear with the book the Evil wizard will know where they are. Sebelle the only sister of Bram is teamed with a now healthy but single Lucan, who she helped stay alive and Ice a Brethren that most believe is insane and is also a enemy of Bram. But the feud was set aside for the betterment of Wizardkind, Lucan is hurt in the attack, which leaves only Ice to save and protect Sebelle. He moves Bram to the one place most of the privilege wouldn't dare live, in Ice’s cave home, it’s the only place safe from the evil wizard . Sebelle and Ice know there's an attraction between them but she would never embrace it because Bram has already set her up to marry a man who could sway the council vote to the Brethren. Ice is under her station and it is unheard of them to mate. But after finally being alone with Ice she starts to feel that their stations in life don't matter and she wants him, he has wanted her since first seeing her, but never thought he would have a chance with her. Once learning that if she marries the other man it will help MagicKind defeat the Evil wizard, he chooses to step aside. Members of the council are killed by the evil wizard and he makes a bid for a seat. The Doomsday Brethren thinks Lucan would be the best for the job to go up against the Evil wizard, but not unmated. Bram tells Sebelle she must marry him, Lucan doesn't love her but he could learn too. Will Sebelle choose Lucan? Will the fact the Ice was born to poverty stop him from having the love and the mate that was meant to be his? Rating: 4

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- book 2

Caden is an ex-marine trying to ignore his MagicKind blood line, he chooses to live in the Humankind world until his older brother became gravely ill so he returns to the life he wanted to forget. Bram, the leader of The Doomsday Brethren and best friend to Caden’s brother Lucan sends Caden back to Humankind posing as a photographer for a Rag magazine. Sydney is the head writer and she has a story she can finally sink her teeth in to, tired of writing things without facts, she finds a scared woman who claims to be a witch and who was kidnapped leaving her true mate ill with mourning of her. But once the woman breaks from her mate, she knows she has lost someone but doesn't know who he is. Sydney prints the story which puts her in danger. On her birthday she is given a book in which she thinks it just a sexual fantasy book, Sydney had her eye on Caden since the first day he walked in, Caden has an instance need to taste her which means she must be his true mate. He burns for her, so after what happened to his brother there is no way he was going take a mate. Sydney decides to write in the book to get Caden in her bed, it works because of the book but Sydney doesn't know if Caden truly cares for her or it’s the magic of the book. Once Caden learns she has the book he tries to return it to the Doomsday Brethren, but the book can’t be taken from a woman using it freely given. Is Caden’s attraction only because of the wish written in the book? Will the Doomsday Brethren get the book back so that the evil wizard won’t destroy the world?  Rating: 4

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- Novella

Ronan Wolvesey and his twin brother Raiden, were cursed with never having love. In their family if they fell in love and mated, the woman would die. So all the men in their family had to sleep around in hopes of impregnating a woman to continue their family line. The twins wandered into their normal Pub in hopes to score, when Ronan notices the bartender every single time he comes in, he has tried to have
her for years. But Kair is not having it, no matter how hard it is to stay out of Ronan arms, she fights it. It becomes easier with every night that passes and he leaves with a different woman.Kari is human and so is most of the clientele of her bar, but MagicKind is there and for some reason Kari can tell the difference between the races, which puts her in danger. Ronan vows to protect her while still trying to have her, he feels if he has her once it will get her out of his system. He burns for her and Kari can no longer fight her feelings for Ronan after he saves and protects her, they kiss and Ronan realizes that she is his Mate. Once a Wizard tastes his true Mate no one will ever do, he knows he can’t have her or she will die. The Doomsday Brethren gets involved when the evil Wizard comes around, ill Kari live if she lets herself mate with Ronan? Will Ronan even take the chance to lose Kari by mating her? Rating: 4 

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethen- Book 1

Marrok, is an immortal Knight, who made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong woman. He was all about his job protecting King Author so he didn't have time for love. Morganna, a woman who wanted more than a quickie, cursed Marrok to live forever. She was a spurned Witch that would torment him through the centuries, Marrok could have sex, but could never climax. He choose not to bother with sex and stayed alonefor hundreds of years. Protecting the one thing he thought would release him from his curse, he wanted death. Olivia moved to a new country in hopes of finding the father she never knew. She opens an art gallery and befriends Bram, who is a wizard. Olivia doesn't know Bram wants Morganna’s book, but wouldn't dare try to take it from 6'5, 240lb Marrok. Soon after moving Olivia starts to have erotic dreams of Marrok without ever meeting him. Bram decides to bring them together because he feels Olivia is a family member of Morganna and can release Marrok from the curse with the book. Marrok has hundreds of years of wood cravings and takes them to Olivia’s art gallery. He senses her as being Morganna and Olivia is stunned to see the man of her dreams. He then kidnaps her demanding she release him from the curse so he can die. The book also holds the power to destroy all Magic Kind. A ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. Will Olivia release Marrok from the curse? Will Bram get the book so he can protect all Magic Kind? Is love stronger then magic?  Rating: 4.5